Introducing CENCHEWY – AI powered puppy training

Posted on 1st April 2021

Posted by CENTURY

At CENTURY, we know that AI has the potential to provide every learner with an education tailored to their individual strengths and weaknesses.

With more than 3 million families in Britain buying a new pet since the start of the pandemic, there has never been a greater need for training to keep the nation's pooches on their best behaviour.

That's why we are delighted to launch CENCHEWY – our new AI-powered puppy training course.

Give them the training they deserve

The days of one-size-fits-all – an outdated approach to puppy training that treats all dogs the same, regardless of their individual strengths and weaknesses – are over. CENCHEWY's AI engine learns how each pooch learns, adapts to their strengths and weaknesses and constantly adjusts to provide the support or challenge each good boy or girl requires.

The first month with our Rover was a nightmare – my slippers were in pieces, the postman lost a finger and our lovely new Persian rug is ruined.

But discovering CENCHEWY has been a game-changer. It rapidly identified his areas for improvement and provided us with actionable insights so that we can reward him with his favourite treats in a data-driven way.

I am pleasantly surprised at how independent Rover has become – I often come home from work to find him beavering away at his desk on CENCHEWY.

- Rachel, puppy owner

Rapidly identify weaknesses

CENCHEWY can identify not just if your puppy is struggling, but why.

For example, if Buster struggles with sitting, it might be because he's actually not yet able to recognise his own name. CENCHEWY's AI will rapidly identify these cross-disciplinary weaknesses and offer Buster tailored training in name-recognition to plug this gap in knowledge – allowing him to finally proceed with the more difficult task of sitting.

To learn more about how CENCHEWY can supercharge your puppy training, get in touch with our Pawtnerships Team.