It’s time to give the FE sector the initial assessment it deserves

Posted on 10th October 2022

Posted by Richard Graham

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes


Functional Skills qualifications were first introduced in 2007 as part of a three-year pilot programme to develop maths, English and ICT programmes that would be suitable for all learners, including adults. Prior to the start of the course, learners must take initial assessments to determine their level of confidence and competence in those subjects. Here at CENTURY we don't think of initial assessment as a tick-box exercise for funding, we see it as the beginning of the learner’s journey.

Now it is 15 years later, and other than the reforms which led assessment providers to update curriculum content, the learning resources and the assessments themselves have largely remained the same. In fact, some assessments have not been updated or replatformed for such a long time, and providers are relying on reputation and aging legacy to remain relevant in the initial assessment process.

The most important thing to take from this is that the workplace has evolved, the providers have evolved and, most importantly, the learners have evolved. Whether aged 16 or 66, learners want an intuitive initial assessment process that does not insult their intelligence or make them feel anxious and uneasy.

CENTURY is supported by Ufi Voctech to develop a brand new smart initial assessment that simply and efficiently establishes a ‘working towards level’ that benefits both learner and provider. Our evolving assessment uses artificial intelligence to adapt to the responses of the learner, giving them an engaging and meaningful experience and the provider the information they need. With a good initial assessment, providers should be able to accurately determine the learner's skills. Suggestions should then be offered to modify the learning programme to best suit the learner's needs. The data you've obtained can be utilised to guide the learning objectives for the students as well as the learning intentions for each cohort. 

Since launching in September over 20,000 assessments have already been taken and the feedback from providers has been very positive. With CENTURY’s cutting edge new initial assessment, detailed diagnostics and unrivaled course content, you are giving your learners the best chance they have to achieve.

Don't rely on outdated platforms for your learners and staff, look to make a smarter change and start the evolution today. 

Learn more about CENTURY’s initial assessment and learning content here, or book a demo with our team here.