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Posted on 11th April 2022

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All of the science courses on CENTURY have been created by our team of former science teachers, who all came to us fresh from the classroom. Between them, they have 130 years of teaching experience across a wide range of school types. In this blog post, seven members of the team introduce themselves and share a bit about their teaching backgrounds. 

Alison Triggs, Science Lead

Alison is a former scientist and taught at university while doing her PhD. Afterwards, she retrained as a secondary school science teacher and worked in schools for 6 years as Head of Biology and KS3 Coordinator. She holds a diploma in science pedagogy and has taught all three sciences to A-level, specialising in biology.

What did you enjoy the most about teaching science? 

I love education and teaching in general, but I particularly enjoyed working with SEN students.

What’s a fun fact about you that not many people know? 

The most random fact about me is probably that I'm a Championship Judge for the National Fancy Rat Society. ‘Fancy rats’ are the most common species of rat kept as a pet, and the society is a UK-based club that promotes fancy rat exhibitions, as well as the study and breeding of them. 

Chris Richards, Lead Teacher

Chris has almost 10 years of experience as a secondary teacher in south London, with roles including Head of Science, Pastoral and SLT member, responsible for Curriculum, Assessment, Examinations and Timetabling. In addition, Chris is currently a Governor for a large secondary school in Surrey.

What did you enjoy the most about teaching science? 

My favourite topic to teach was radioactivity. I also really enjoyed teaching GCSE maths and seeing where the science and maths specifications crossover (and where they don't!). 

What is your favourite science-related book or podcast?

I really enjoy reading and listening to John Scalzi’s science-fiction works. 

Elaine Cork, Science Curriculum Specialist 

Elaine has over 35 years of teaching experience from pre-school to undergraduate level at Michigan State University. The vast majority of her teaching career was spent teaching at both selective and non-selective schools in the secondary sector in the UK where she was both a Head of Chemistry and a Head of Science. She taught all three sciences to GCSE and Chemistry A-level.  

What did you enjoy the most about teaching science? 

I loved inspiring students to realise that they can learn anything they put their mind to and to foster a curiosity in the world around them.

What is your favourite science-related book or film?

'The Race for the Double Helix', which is the story of the discovery of DNA and highlights how Rosalind Franklin was not given the credit she deserved for her work on the structure of DNA.

Camilla Turze, Science Curriculum Specialist 

Camilla spent 14 years as a science teacher in a range of secondary schools, including academy, faith and independent schools. She taught all three sciences to GCSE level and biology at A-level, and held a number of different roles, including Head of Year and KS3 Science Coordinator.

What did you enjoy the most about teaching science? 

Helping students make the connection between the topic or concept being taught and their lives outside of school and showing them the real world importance of certain topics.

What has been your favourite course you have worked on at CENTURY so far? 

It would have to be the new Science Combined GCSE: AQA Trilogy (F) course, especially the biology! I loved making the nuggets on developing drugs and photosynthesis, the latter having been one of my favourite topics to teach. 

Ross Price, Science Curriculum Specialist 

Ross began his career as a structural engineer, before later deciding to become a physics teacher. He worked in several schools in London before moving to the north and teaching in an independent school for 5 years.

What did you enjoy the most about teaching science? 

Developing strong teacher relationships. Watching pupils progress and succeed was hugely satisfying, and made me feel very proud of them. 

Which scientist inspires you the most? 

Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Okay, he’s technically an engineer, but he’s a genius and pioneer who has changed and shaped the modern world around us.

Ross Spearing, Science Curriculum Specialist 

Ross has nearly 20 years of experience as a science teacher, having taught at a range of schools from an inner city school in London to a single-sex Grammar School in Plymouth. He has also worked for educational charities such as the Prince's Teaching Institute and the National STEM Centre, and is a governor at his local primary school.

What did you enjoy the most about teaching science? 

Helping students understand complex ideas, and seeing that lightbulb moment of realisation from the students.

How would you describe your day-to-day work at CENTURY?

Every day is different! If I had to summarise, I’d say that I work with an exceptional team of science teachers to create engaging learning content, often jumping into zoom calls to discuss the intricacies of different scientific concepts. I also work with different teams across the company to provide a teacher’s perspective to help improve and develop CENTURY.

Karly Withers, Science Curriculum Specialist 

Karly began her career as a forensic toxicologist, specialising in analysing drugs and poisons in the body, and later trained to be a teacher. Karly’s expertise lies in Further Education (FE) where she gained experience teaching science to a range of ages and managed curriculum and assessment for the science department for 5 years. Karly is currently a Trustee for Southend High School for Girls.

What did you enjoy the most about teaching science? 

I really enjoyed teaching organic chemistry. Students notoriously think it will be difficult as it almost has a language of its own, so it's really satisfying seeing them succeed with it.

When you’re not creating science content, what are your hobbies? 

I volunteer for Crisis at Christmas, am a jazz and classical pianist (I do some teaching and play for pleasure), and as I live by the sea, I enjoy open water swimming!

Anthony Curran, Science Curriculum Specialist

Anthony has over 18 years of secondary science teaching experience, working in several schools where pupils often came from a disadvantaged background. He has worked on both the pastoral side as a Head of Year and the curriculum side as a Key Stage 3 Coordinator.

What have been your favourite nuggets to work on on CENTURY?

The chemistry nuggets on earth and atmosphere science. It is vital to make sure young people are engaged with this topic and have an understanding of the effects we are potentially having upon our planet. Creating this content was satisfying because it helped to give learners a better understanding of what is happening and what can be done.

What is your favourite science-related book or podcast?

Well it might not be factual, but it has to be The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy books. I love the intricate web it weaves and the idea of there being a restaurant at the end of the universe. As for 'real science', I really enjoy space-related documentaries.

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