Posted on 8th February 2024

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To celebrate PiXL's STEM week, we've pulled together some of our free maths and sciences resources, ideal for use in class, for homework or for revision. All CENTURY content is made by our team of subject-specialist teachers and is aligned to the national curriculum.

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CENTURY science resources

CENTURY's library of science content covers KS1-4, GCSE Combined and Separate Sciences resources and has been quality assured by the Association for Science Education (ASE).

Classroom posters (free, requires registration)

Marie Maynard Daly | Chemistry

History of the Atom | Physics

Working Scientifically | General



Practicals - Making Salts | Chemistry

Wind Power | Physics

Introduction to Photosynthesis | Biology

Parts of a Plant | KS2


You can find more free resources like the above on the CENTURY YouTube channel, or head to the Resource Hub.

CENTURY maths resources

CENTURY covers maths from KS1-4. All of our content is adaptable to multiple schemes of work, including White Rose Maths.

Classroom posters (free, requires registration)

Geometry poster bundle

Primary maths poster bundle



Single Digit Addition | KS2

Measuring Temperature | KS2

Calculating Percentage Mass | GCSE

Surface Area: Exam Practice | GCSE


For more free maths resources, head to the Resource Hub or our YouTube channel.

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