South Staffordshire student has longest study streak on CENTURY

Posted on 14th May 2024

Posted by CENTURY

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South Staffordshire have been using CENTURY for five years and have fully embedded it across English and maths. Steve Wileman, Head of Digital Learning, reached out to let us know about the achievements of one of their student digital champions.

We visited the college to meet their student of the year for two years running, Curtis, to congratulate him on his outstanding dedication to CENTURY.

Curtis is currently on a Level 2 Motor Vehicle course, hoping to join the trade. He achieved an incredible 73-week streak of daily engagement.

Since being at college, with the help of CENTURY, he passed GCSE English with a grade four in his second year and got a grade two in his first year of GCSE maths. 

This is remarkable considering that Curtis attended a special school from Year 8 and was previously on a Functional Skills pathway for maths and English, before switching to GCSE in year 12.

Watch the video to hear more:

Craig Hancock, Director of English and Maths:

I think what's really important from my perspective is it gives every learner a really clear start point and a really bespoke pathway of study for their English and maths and something they may not have had previously coming in.

That allows our staff, not just English and maths teachers, but vocational teachers, to really start closing the gaps on their English and maths skills very, very quickly and for us to measure progress over time. We've seen a lot of learners such as Curtis and it really does help them close the gaps, not only improve their skills, but also improve GCSE results as well.


Find out how CENTURY can support your college learners here. To learn more about Curtis' remarkable journey, click here.