Reporter George Ryan explores how artificial intelligence is helping FE colleges to improve outcomes in this week’s TES.

George spoke to CENTURY Founder CEO Priya Lakhani OBE and Head of Strategic Operations and Senior Cognitive Neuroscientist Alice Little about how CENTURY is being used across the country to improve results and cut teacher workload.

“I think what’s really interesting in the FE context, compared to in the school context, is that a lot of these students are coming into college and – for whatever reason – the way they were being taught or experiencing English and maths was not working for them. So they can feel really disheartened going into that resit classroom. They can feel like that learning is completely closed off from them.

“In school, they might not understand a topic from [back in] key stage 2 or 3, so those emotions about ‘feeling stupid’ can be reinforced.

“With this platform, we have content that is deliberately designed for older students, and it doesn’t feel babyish or patronising.”

Read the article in this week’s TES.

Learn more about how CENTURY is helping to improve outcomes at South and City College Birmingham and the Basingstoke College of Technology.