Using CENTURY to support SEN learners

Posted on 12th July 2023

Posted by CENTURY

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At CENTURY, we work with SEN departments and specialist schools to support teachers and learners. For a specific example, you can read our case study with Alt Bridge School.

There are various ways teachers can use CENTURY to support SEN learners, below are some examples of specific use cases our schools have found successful:

Supported learning

For learners that require extra support in class, teachers can assign different sets of micro-lessons to work through via our Assignments functionality, which they can do at their own pace.

Work through the courses independently

Teachers can also let the learners know which micro-lessons to work through and they can search for them in their CENTURY course library with the help of a teacher or TA.

Learner Dashboard

Learners can view their own Learner Dashboard and review their strengths and areas for improvement. Teachers can then discuss any areas the learners should work on and can then pick a micro-lesson linked to their area for improvement for them to work through at home or in class. 

Individual work space

CENTURY can be used in a set space within the school to provide any learners who struggle in a larger classroom with a safe space to work.

Colour overlay

Learners can change the colour overlay on CENTURY to enable them to better see the words on screen.

Read Aloud

We recommend the Read Aloud function for any learners with visual impairments or who struggle with reading.

Working below Age Related Expectations

If you have any learners who are working significantly below their age related expectations, you are able to edit or rename the CENTURY courses where appropriate, for example renaming Primary courses for learners who are in Secondary school. 

Learners who are working significantly below their age related expectations can have their own independent class set up on CENTURY. This is to ensure that they are accessing course material relevant to them, which will likely be separate from the course assigned to the whole class. 


To learn how CENTURY can support SEN students in your school, book a webinar with a member of our team today.