Using CENTURY’s AI to power Cognita Tutoring

Posted on 19th October 2021

Posted by CENTURY

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At CENTURY, we understand that education technology is most effective when used to augment the power of human educators. That’s why we are delighted to be working with Cognita, one of the world’s biggest school groups, to use our AI to help power its new online tutoring service – Cognita Tutoring.

Drawing on its experience across a global network of over 80 independent schools, Cognita Tutoring’s new online service offers families across the country expert tuition from hand-picked, qualified teachers, complemented by CENTURY's award-winning artificial intelligence-powered learning platform.

Each tutor is trained to deliver exceptional online lessons that inspire and engage, and which balance academic attainment with wellbeing and confidence building.  

Cognita’s tutors use CENTURY to perform initial baseline checks for each child, identifying any gaps in knowledge and creating a customised learning pathway that can be used to reinforce learning in between tutoring sessions. Our technology supports each tutor to provide personalised support for students, backed up by thousands of high-quality, teacher-created learning resources. As CENTURY automatically responds to each child’s progress, identifying mistakes in real time and altering the learning path accordingly, parents can be assured that their child is learning in an individual and focused way. 

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