Visiting Lic. Gabriel Ramos Millan school in Tijuana

Posted on 7th July 2022

Posted by CENTURY


Our Head of Strategic Projects Courtney Laing recently travelled to Mexico to meet with Veronica Ruffo, Founder CEO of Veritas Technology VR, who we have been partnered with since March 2020.

The organisation seeks out advanced technology solutions to implement in schools with the aim of transforming education outcomes in Mexico, with a particular focus on improving scores in mathematics.

Courtney and Veronica visited a Lic. Gabriel Ramos Millan school in Tijuana that has been using CENTURY since February this year. Here's what Courtney had to say about the trip. 

From our very first conversation with Veronica over two years ago, we felt confident that CENTURY would play an important role in ensuring the continuation of high-quality education during unprecedented times.

Within 12 months of launching CENTURY, we onboarded 18 schools across 3 states in Mexico, providing thousands of students with high-quality maths resources.

Almost two years since the beginning of our partnership, and with schools in Mexico slowly returning to a sense of normalcy (albeit with masks still being worn by teachers and students at all times), I was excited to have the opportunity to finally visit one of our Mexican partner schools alongside Veronica. I was keen to see how the platform and resources were now being used in person in the classroom to support high-quality teaching and learning.  

When we arrived, a group of students were outside of the brightly-coloured school building having their PE class. Once inside, we went up a large central staircase, adorned with posters and art typical of any school I’d ever visited. We entered a small classroom at the end of a first floor corridor and helped the teacher to set up for the upcoming maths class, laying out a tablet on each desk in the class. 

Soon after, the children arrived and the teacher began the lesson. With the help of the Veritas platform, the teacher was able to guide the students through the lesson using the learning materials on the projector at the front of the class, while the students followed along on their tablets.

At the end of the micro-lesson, each student answered an individual set of questions about the learning material, and as the questions were different for each student, there was no opportunity for copying.

Once the questions were completed, the students were directed back to the homepage of the platform, wherein each student’s Recommended Pathway had been updated with a personalised set of recommendations. The children were then able to finish the rest of the class by working through the micro-lessons that the platform had recommended as being the most useful for them.

Veritas is committed to bringing this AI-based learning platform to schools over Mexico and we are excited to work with them to help them to achieve their mission of transforming education in Mexico using advanced technology. 

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