The science behind CENTURY

CENTURY has been created by leading educators, data engineers and neuroscientists who have joined forces to build the world’s first truly intelligent teaching and learning platform.

Using learning science, artificial intelligence and neuroscience, CENTURY creates constantly adapting pathways for each student and powerful assessment data for teachers.

Learning science

Our team of experienced teachers have a deep understanding of learning and pedagogical principles. They ensure these are incorporated into the design of the platform and learning content.

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AI is here

When we look at other industries, such as travel, healthcare and retail, there is one thing that has helped transform them all — artificial intelligence (AI). AI has made them more efficient, more personalised and allowed them to make more data driven decisions.

CENTURY is the first teaching and learning platform to use AI. Our technology, named CAI, provides students with a truly personalised education and enables teachers to make evidence-based interventions.

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How does CENTURY recognise the needs of each student and know how best to support them? The answer lies in neuroscience. CENTURY incorporates research on how the brain learns and retains information to ensure each learner is individually supported.

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The Institute for Ethical AI in Education

As pioneers of AI in the classroom, we take our responsibility seriously. Our CEO, Priya Lakhani, is a co-founder of the Institute of Ethical AI in Education (IEAIED), which works to ensure the safe and ethical use of AI in education.

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